At Mobile Speech Therapy, Inc. we are specialists in providing sensory-regulated, neurodiversity-affirming therapy techniques for the communication and feeding/eating challenges associated with Autism.

Speech & Language

- Delayed Speech or Language 

- Support for Non or Minimally-Speaking Children

- AAC Evaluation, Implementation and Programming

- Childhood Apraxia of Speech

- Speech Sound Disorders

- Neurodiversity-Affirming Pragmatics Therapy (e.g. self-advocacy)

Delayed Echolalia

Delayed Echolalia / Scripting / Gestalt Language Processing

- Targeted Therapy for Children Who Demonstrate Delayed Echolalia

- Identification of Children who are 'Gestalt Language Processors' (process language in chunks/phrases rather than single words)

- Family Coaching to support the development of self-generated language


- Poor weight Gain

- Feeding-Tube Dependence

- Bottle/Formula Dependence

- Extreme Food Selectivity

- Mealtime Tantrums

- Inability/Refusal to Increase Textures

- Inability/Refusal to Self-Feed


Mobile Speech Therapy, Inc. does not accept insurance

Mobile Speech Therapy, Inc. is considered out-of-network and are not affiliated with any insurance companies. Please scroll down for more information to check with your insurance company ahead of time.  The information below will help you navigate what your reimbursement amount will be.



We specialize in child-centered therapy, which means that each therapy session is individualized to your child's individual preferences, needs, and strengths. We aim to always approach therapy from a strength-based, sensory-regulated lens, with the goal of creating lasting communication gains for your child.

Therapy is offered in-home and online via teletherapy.

Session Fees

$160 -- 60-minute individual session

$100* -- 30 minute individual session (*two or more weekly sessions required)



We offer comprehensive speech and language assessments to provide a deep look into your child's communication skills. We use a variety of formal and informal assessments, such as:​

- Parent/caregiver interview

- Home video analysis

- Play observations

- Language sample analysis

- Child-led evaluation

- Formal test measures if indicated

This ensures we are getting the full picture of your child's unique strengths and challenges. Following the evaluation, if therapy is recommended, we will develop a unique therapy plan to address any areas of need. Evaluations can also be performed as a "second opinion" source.


We offer a comprehensive feeding assessment:

- Medical and feeding history including a 3-day diet journal

- Parent/caregiver interview

- Video observation of meal at home with caregiver

- Direct observation 

- Oral motor examination


We offer comprehensive AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) assessments.  We can assist you in acquiring an AAC device funded by your insurance (if your child qualifies).  

Our assessment will include:

- Eligibility determination for AAC use

- Evaluating which device is best suited for your child

- An assessment report for submission to insurance for funding

Assessment Fees:  $350 flat rate + hourly rate if assessment exceeds 90 minutes



$160 -- 60-minute individual session

$100* -- 30-minute VitalStim Dysphagia Therapy (three times per week required)


Assessment Fees:  $350 flat rate + hourly rate if assessment exceeds 90 minutes


Mobile Speech Therapy, Inc. does not accept insurance.

Mobile Speech Therapy, Inc. is a private-pay practice with a fee-for-service model.  We are considered out-of-network and are not affiliated with any insurance companies.  We can provide a monthly statement (aka “superbill” or “paid invoice”) which you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement.  Many families have Flexible/Health Spending Accounts (FSA/HSA) through their work. Speech therapy is a qualified reimbursement under these plans. 


Mobile Speech Therapy, Inc. does not serve as a liaison between you and your insurance company, nor as an advocate for reimbursement of services. Please check with your specific plan ahead of time to understand any deductibles, out-of-network reimbursement rates and copays. The information below will help you navigate what your reimbursement amount will be. ​

Billing Codes for Insurance Reimbursement

CPT Code
(Current Procedural Terminology)






92607 & 92608

Service Description

Individual session of speech/language therapy

Individual session of feeding and swallowing therapy

Evaluation of speech production (eg, articulation, phonological processes, apraxia, dysarthria)

Evaluation of both speech sound production AND language comprehension and expression (eg, receptive and expressive language)

Evaluation of feeding and swallowing

Evaluation for speech-generating AAC device


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