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At Mobile Speech Therapy, my mission is to provide effective speech therapy services to clients.  Oftentimes, traditional clinic-based intervention results in slow progress and/or dysregulation for autistic children.  By providing parent coaching on a regular basis within the home, I see carryover of session progress into everyday life.  If your child has sensory differences, I will identify ways to meet their sensory needs during therapy. With child-focused, family-centered, plan of care, I will meet your child at their optimal learning level inside and outside of therapy sessions.  I provide in-home services to residents of Bakersfield, California and surrounding areas. 




Delayed Speech and Language 

Support for Non/Minimally-Speaking Children

Delayed Echolalia / Scripting / Gestalt Language Processing

AAC (alternative and assistive communication)

Childhood Apraxia of Speech

Speech Sound Disorders

School-Age Language Disorders

Neurodiversity-Affirming Pragmatics Therapy (e.g. self-advocacy)


      Feeding-Tube Dependence

      Bottle/Formula Dependence

      Extreme Food Selectivity

      Inability/Refusal to Increase Textures

      Inability/Refusal to Self-Feed



Dysphagia (Swallowing disorders)

Aphasia (word finding difficulties)

Cognitive Disorders (memory, processing speed, attention, problem-solving, planning/organizing, sequencing)

Apraxia of Speech

Dysarthria (slurred speech)

AAC (alternative and assistive communication)

What Clients Say

"Katie is great to work with for my son's speech needs. She is amazing with him and makes her lesson plans fun and keeps him engaged. He talks about her all the time and loves when its his appointment time! Her handouts and information packets have been very helpful to continue working on towards her lesson goals and understanding his forms of communication. I am grateful to have found a wonderful speech therapist to work with my son that cares so much for her clients!"  -Terah S
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